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The ideal look for your first day at a new job

The ideal look for your first day at a new job

Let’s face it, your first day at a new job is never easy but the last thing you need to worry about is your outfit. You want to make sure that you stand out for the right reasons and not for being unprofessional or over-dressed. So just what should you wear on your first day in a new job?

  • Tailor your outfit to your job

Every industry is different, so for example in a banking environment you will be expected to dress quite formally (so here a smart suit will be the most appropriate item to wear). If you are in a media firm they may have a more relaxed dress code so women could get away without going for a suit and instead opt for nice trousers and a top or skirt and top, while men may be able to ditch the suit and tie and instead opt for a shirt and trousers. If you work in a fashion environment you need to make sure you look like you are on top of the latest trends so you need to ensure your outfit shows you are fashion conscious. Hopefully, you would have got a sense of what the company is like from your interview and research into the role but if in doubt it’s best to go smarter as it’s always better to be too smart then too scruffy. And whatever you do, don’t assume that your company has a dress-down Friday policy and go in in jeans and T-shirts as you will always be remembered for that faux pas!

  • Don’t Copy –Own Personality matters

That said you don’t want to look like a carbon copy of everybody else there; you still need to look like you. Therefore, make sure you inject some personality into your outfit. This is where for women, accessories can be your best friend as a fun handbag, statement piece of jewellery or fab pair of shoes can help you still feel like you. Just make sure your still tailor it to your place of work as some places may not approve of red stilettos! For men it is a little harder as you don’t really want to go down the novelty tie route but think beyond the traditional white shirt and opt for a smart, chic colored tie and you can’t go far wrong.

  • Dressed yourself in which you are Comfortable

We have an outfit that you are comfortable in, which is vital for a long day at work, that you can smarten up or dress down. So for men a suit in a grey, black or blue with a smart pressed shirt (long sleeves never short sleeves as some firms frown upon them) is ideal. You can have a bit of fun with color within reason (now is not the time to wear a neon yellow shirt but you won’t go far wrong with muted pastel shades) and a plain chic tie. For women, if you don’t want to go down the suit route why not try a pencil skirt and pretty blouse with a matching jacket or smart trousers and a blazer. But for both sexes make sure your shoes are polished and not scuffed and everything is ironed and clean then you won’t be too far off the mark.

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