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Top Accessories For Your Summer 2021 Outfits

Top Accessories For Your Summer 2021 Outfits

Keep Your Cool With These Top Finishing Touches

From floral prints to face masks, follow these top summer styling tips and put together the perfect ensemble for the season.

Summer 2021 sees socialising back in action, with BBQs, beach days and picnics in the park in full swing. If your calendar is filling up fast, you might be wondering what to wear – and most importantly if you need to invest in some new accessories to make your outfits pop this season.

Check out some of the top ways to add the finishing touches to your look in summer 2021.

Pack a punch in pink

Pink is a feminine, summery colour which suits most skin tones. As a strong shade, pink accessories are a great way to add vibrancy to a more neutral outfit. Whether you’re dressed in black, denim or white, a shot of pink will give your look the lift it needs.

Of course, there’s nothing to stop you dressing from head to toe in pink. A bright and airy kaftan such as the Karim London Muna Dubai design would look fantastic with pink sandals and matching lipstick.

Bring minimalism in

Minimalism isn’t about ditching your accessories altogether; it’s about choosing a simpler design. Translucent accessories are right on-trend this summer – you might select a see-through beach bag or a pair of jelly shoes to go with your look. Don’t be afraid to go dressy with the rest of your ensemble – modest Arabic dresses will look fabulous with a translucent belt for example.

Flower power

Nothing screams summer like floral prints! Flowers are colourful, breezy and romantic, which is the perfect vibe for your summer dress sense. If you’re opting for this trend, make sure your look is balanced. You may choose to wear a floral print dress, with plain coloured accessories. Alternatively, if you prefer you can wear a summery blush shade such as our Sana dress and pair with a floral print clutch. Adding fresh flowers into your hair will provide the perfect finishing touches to your ensemble.


Wearing a headscarf in summer is a great way to keep the sun off you. Karim London stocks a wide range of bright and beautiful scarves that ooze that summertime mood. In colours such as hot pink, aqua blue or gold and adorned with jewels, this is an exquisite way to complete your summertime outfit. Priced from just £15, they’re also a really affordable accompaniment to your main attire. Sweep your hair off your neck, don your summer scarf and get ready to look stunning.

Lightweight face masks

Even though social distancing restrictions have been lifted, face masks are still commonplace in many shops, restaurants and venues as they’re considered to be an important way to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Luckily, the design has come a long way since the early days of PPE adoption, and face masks are now the must-have accessory for this season. Make sure your mask of choice is breathable, but you can also go for a design that is antibacterial too. You might even select a material such as bamboo that is guaranteed to keep you cool in any situation.

Trendy accessories are an easy way to dress up your summertime look. Invest in some staple pieces that you’ll love wearing for the rest of the season and that will even make an appearance next year too.

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