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Celebrate Rakhi With Your Brother-In-Law

Celebrate Rakhi With Your Brother-In-Law

The ancient culture of celebrating rakhi with only your brother has moved away for a long time now. Besides celebrating it with our actual brother, many of us have embraced the bond with our brothers-in-law and accepted him wholeheartedly as our own. Along with being the newest addition to our family, he also becomes our rakhi-brother. 

Similar to the bond that we share with our brothers, the connection that we have with our brother-in-law is special too. He acts no less than a brother who annoys you with his pranks as well as guides you in the right direction. Although we are not bonded by blood with our brother-in-law, our love and respect for each other remains for a lifetime. 

Today, the festival of siblings is celebrated across relations in our country. The trend of celebrating Raksha Bandhan with our ‘Jiju” has taken Bollywood by storm as well. Actress, Dia Mirza celebrated rakhi on the auspicious day of Raksha Bandhan with her beloved brother-in-law. She took to Instagram and captioned the post, “Bonded by love, respect, and trust forever.” 

Another Bollywood Actress that chose to celebrate rakhi with her brother-in-law is Amrita Arora. Amrita tied rakhi to her brother-in-law, Arbaaz Khan and commemorated the festival of Raksha Bandha. She captioned her Instagram post, ‘Bonds. Brother Love’ to mark their love for each other. 

This Raksha Bandhan, shower rakhi gifts for your brother.  Here are a few innovative rakhi gifts ideas for brother-in-law that will steal hearts:

Personalised Rakhi gifts

Personalised Rakhi gifts can turn any average gift packs into something meaningful. For personalised gifting solutions, buy chocolates, watches, cufflinks, or brooches. The options of engraving or imprinting make such gifts a priced possession that your brother-in-law will treasure for a lifetime. 

Tech-savvy gifts

Men have a never-ending love affair with their high-tech toys. Right from sports car to wireless gadget tools, every man loves technology. So seize this opportunity to turn it into the best gift for a brother on rakhi that he has ever received. Invest in popular products, such as headphones, game consoles, digital camera, etc.

Handmade gifts 

It is difficult to buy gifts for men. However, handmade gifts can work the magic and build a special connection further. If your brother-in-law lives overseas, surprise him with a handwritten letter or a jar of memories. Besides, there are other handmade gifts for a brother for Raksha Bandhan, such as a woven shawl with his initials, a hand-stitched kerchief, etc.  

The unspoken bond with your brother-in-law comes as a blessing. Express gratitude this rakhi to him with a tight knot on his wrist and never-ending gifts. Look for rakhi gifts online to find multiple other options to ensure we provide our brothers-in-law with the best. 

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