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Finishing Touches That Make A Wedding Day Truly Special

Finishing Touches That Make A Wedding Day Truly Special

When it comes to making a wedding day truly special, as with most things in life, it will be all about the little things. Whilst the venue, the meals and the dress may naturally be the first things to think about, you may be surprised at just how much difference certain smaller touches will make, and how much more these will be remembered than things such as what meat was served at the reception.

After all, the majority of weddings will have a white dress, a beautiful church and a sprawling reception hall in common. Where weddings start to differ is in the details, those little extras that let one’s personality shine through and mark out their big day from that of millions of others.

As such, it is wise to think about the finishing touches to your big as early as possible. Even the likes of flower arrangements will be seen as an integral part of the day and so even these won’t come into the realms of making your day truly unique.

Instead, it will be wise to think about what additions other weddings will not have had. Whether you choose to sing your speeches, perform a dance routine as a newly married couple or even simply choose to offer a sushi or a wedding sweet buffet instead of the usual appetisers, there will be plenty of ways to make your big day your own.

The likes of wedding pick and mix is a perfect solution, not only allowing you to choose something far more unique and indeed far more tasty for yourself and your guests on your big day, but also ensuring that you add a little bit of fun into the reception too. Far too often, weddings can feel regimented, and in turn adding in the likes of sweets will give a gentle reminder to all concerned that the wedding day should also be about having a great deal of fun too.

Such additions also give you the chance to have some fun during the planning process. Not only might wedding sweets allow you to have access to your favourite treats on your biggest day, but you may also be able to use such sweets as reminders of certain events, allowing guests to be as nostalgic around the pick and mix table as they are excited.

When it comes to entertainment, why not open the floor up to your guests rather than booking a band who will almost certainly just choose to play generic hits. Not only will having an open mic format be far cheaper, but it will also ensure that the entertainment you get on your wedding night is as personal to you as possible. In turn, your entertainment, may not only be amusing and emotional in equal measures, but you will also find that your guests feel far more involved in your big day if they are quite literally a part of it.

There are many ways to make your big day stand out, and it will be those smaller finishing touches that could make all the difference, so be sure to work out which ones are right for you.

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