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How & Where To Find Wedding Freebies

How & Where To Find Wedding Freebies

It can be a challenge to stick to a budget when planning for the most important day in your life. The elegant gowns and necklaces can be easy to get swept into; resulting in exorbitant wedding spending that can take a toll on your financial life.

Thankfully, there are ways to get most of the things you desire, and perhaps some of the things you don’t even know you device, free of charge through hidden wedding freebies.

However, the $0 game can be dangerous, because going with unwise choices can translate into a wedding disaster. Some of the cheap-outs may also be accompanied by extra expenses when you plan to undo the damage, leading to more problems addition to the ruining of the wedding day.

So how do you find freebies that provide value? And where do you find them? Here are some tips to get started:

1. Vendors offering freebies for repeat businesses

Search for vendors in brick and mortars design, clothing and bridal accessory shops that provide freebies with repeat business. You can let them know that you’re thinking of placing orders from multiple items at the same time, and you’re likely to order new items when the wedding day nears.

You may be able to get wedding invitation cards without incurring any extra expense when using the same bridal gown vendor for multiple orders & occasions or a necklace or another accessory as an added bonus. The repeat business often serves as a good incentive for sellers to step up and offer relevant upgrades to customers.

2. Sites, magazines and stores hosting contests

With the stress of your wedding day building up and in the effort to stay on track with the budget, it can be easy to overlook contests that provide wedding freebies to the winner. There are several websites, magazines and online stores that are backed by sponsors that are willing to give away things for free, ranging from bridal makeup to engagement accessories, in return for your participation.

For example, WeddingVibe is conducting 2014 wedding giveaways, where anyone eligible can enter with just a click of a button. Two winners are picked every week and the prizes include wedding retreats to exotic locations, wedding trees, cakes and more. Contests are not only a great way to win some items for free, but also a route to get some freebies for your spouse. Be on the lookout on social media sites; subscribe to relevant pages on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.

3. Presents that you’re going to receive

You’re likely to receive wedding presents from peers and family, so if anyone asks you about gift suggestions, tell them you would love to receive wedding accessories, beauty treatments and craft supplies… This will make it easy for them to decide on a present, and get you a freebie in return.

You can also tell the close ones in advance that you’re on a tight budget and would cherish wedding related presents on the day.

Got any more tips on wedding freebies? Feel free to share.

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