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Make Fashion Statement With A Hippy Poncho

Make Fashion Statement With A Hippy Poncho

A poncho is a garment that has been serving fashionistas for years. Initially, it was designed to cover the body and provide warmth but the unique style made it immensely popular among everyone and it soon gained recognition beyond boundaries. Today, you can find several varieties of designer ponchos and so do several styles you can carry with each of them. Fashion lovers are trying and bringing new kinds of ponchos by experimenting with a large number of designs and styles now and then. 


Below, we are discussing a variety of hippy ponchos that can be worn in beautiful ways.


What Is A Poncho?

A poncho is prepared for a large garment with an opening in the centre for wearing from the head. It is open on both sides with no sleeves and gives a striking look to the wearer. The garment has a history too. It was originally worn by native American tribes in South America. It is a part of Mexican culture and is known as Sarape or Jorongo in Mexico and was earlier worn by only those with power and wealth. To the foremost, ponchos are also appreciated for their comfortability and ease. They are most


Cotton Ponchos With Belt

You can buy hippy ponchos in different fabrics, and one of the most popular is cotton. They are available in a variety of shades, colours, and designs. You can either style them with a belt or let them flow naturally. Either way, cotton ponchos are becoming the new trend and are a must for every wardrobe.


Velvet And Shimmery Georgette Ponchos

Velvet Ponchos are loved for their shiny and smooth designs. They look super sleek and stylish especially those with embroideries. While Georgette ponchos are available in sequins and drapes which gives them a stylized feminine look. Designers are combining ponchos and shrugs to create something new and the result is fabulous, yet the real look of the poncho remains hippy style.


Knitted High-Neck Ponchos

Knitted high neck ponchos with fringes are most adorable. Wear them like casuals or accessorize them with heels, boots, and necklaces for a perfect match. Either way, they look gorgeous and pleasing. Ponchos with fringes are also highly popular and in huge demand. They are the most sought styles in ponchos around the world as you can glam them up with boots or heels.


Woollen Ponchos

Regions with winter as dominant weather can stylize their wardrobe with a woollen poncho in dark shades like black, maroon, brown, or dark green. You can find them in long to medium heights, both are expressive and can be worn accordingly by both long and short heighted people. Today, you can also find them available in contemporary asymmetrical lines and prints that give a bohemian and chic look. They are best for winters and can be paired up with high boots for better clarity.



Owing to the worldwide acceptance of ponchos and their simplicity, ponchos have become one of the integral pieces of clothing in every fashion lover’s wardrobe.


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