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What Makes Some Models Standout From Others?

A lot of models that are enjoying successful careers have a couple of traits that they share: professionalism, good health, a great work ethic, and a fantastic modeling agency like that of Marilyn Gauthier. It is Marilyn Gauthier who is responsible for blessing our screens and glossy magazines with the likes of Adriana Lima, Helena Christensen, Kate Moss, Liu Wen, and many more. The French Parisienne model agent is known to be the cream of top model makers, with giant names of the industry under her belt. She is the proud owner of the Marilyn Agency and also has been working on her own clothing line since 2017.  

But it takes a lot for a model to be put on high demand. There is only so the best of the best like Marilyn Gauthier can even do. There are millions and millions of pretty faces you will see walking down the runway, but only some can come head to head with the likes of Naomi Campbell or Claudia Schiffer. These models have that kind of an “umph” that allows them to stand out from others, something that you cannot just put your finger on. So what exactly is that one thing that make the other models stand out from the other and is it inherent?

There was a time, and could still be time, where the likes of Tyra Banks, Tatiana Soroko, Cara Delavigne, and Cindy Crawford were amongst the lineup of models who would show up in a tight pair of jeans, an expensive T-shirt and high sleek ponytail. But it was something about them that turned them into the mega models that they are right now. That ‘something’ is a certain flaw or characteristics that most people try to reduce or minimize, but are fully embraced by others.  

For example, Lauren Hutton, the model who popularized teeth gaps was constantly pushed to have them filled out. But it was her adamant denial that made her capable of being so popular that she is mentioned in this article today. Iman has been known for her lovely swan-like neck that she emphasizes in all her photos to the point where we can overlook her other flaws easily if there are any. Similar, that mole on Cindy Crawford’s upper lip was almost ready to be sawed off  by many naysayers, but the model adamantly refused to have it altered, now in that Pepsi commercial that mole stood out brighter than the day’s sun and had the model looking more mesmerizing than that cold bottle Pepsi can on a hot day. 

The trick is to not hide or reduce a certain uniqueness that you might have. Because it is usually that trait that will become your trademark and help you stand out from within the sea of similarly pretty faces. Having a face or figure, that is “way too perfect” will result in you being easily forgettable by other employers or viewers.

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