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A Ring That Makes Promises

A Ring That Makes Promises

Getting engaged to that special someone and making a promise to her for a lifetime by slipping a princess cut engagement ring in her finger is what you’ve always waited for. You can buy elegant rings online. Knowing what to exactly say at that special moment can turn the situation all the more romantic and amplify the vibes of love between you and your princess. After all, each and every word you say will weigh tons of emotions.

Making a promise is something that happens just between the couple, unlike marriages which are a public affair.

Hence, do not be afraid to keep it simple and to the point. You can include some mesmerizing lines like:

• With your every glance at this ring, my love for you will deepen across time and space.
• This is not just a ring; it’s a promise I’m making to you for a lifetime.
• I pledge to be faithful to you, and to love you till the day I die, and also thereafter.

Sometimes long speeches and notes aren’t required; special moments cannot be seen, they’re felt by the heart. Be spontaneous and original, because nothing can compare to those words and emotions. Practicing your words may lead to a lack of emotions. Therefore, keep it simple and preserve the special moment for the right time. Words coming out of your mouth will definitely be priceless for your partner. Hold her tight, lock your eyes into hers, and just say your heart out. Because, it is more than a promise that you’re making to her; it’s your heart speaking to hers.

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