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Get Married In Paradise

Get Married In Paradise

Wedding day is proverbially The Day in a couple’s life and every little thing that happens during those 24 hours matters. That’s probably why brides and grooms-to-be spend weeks and months carefully preparing for the wedding ceremony and choosing the perfect spot, dresses and suits, luxurious invitations, cakes, decorations and the other essentials to round off the beginning of their matrimonial bliss. Choosing a beautiful wedding spot becomes a lot easier if you expand your options to some exotic destinations like Hawaii, Thailand or Bali – after all, it is Day D, so why not make it your best lifetime memory?

Celebrate matrimonial union in Hawaii

A wonderful archipelago in the middle of Oceania, Hawaii is a well-know retreat for would-be brides and grooms and newly-weds. With lush verdant greenery, warm sandy beaches and amazing ocean views, Hawaii will help turn your wedding ceremony into the best holiday ever for both you and your guests. Take a trip to the Oahu Island and get married at a secluded spot with marvelous views of the ocean and rich island flora; or, try Maui for the ideal wedding party under the palms and coconut trees. If you like the idea of getting married on the beach, choose one from a variety of all-inclusive packages and extend your wedding day to a perfect honeymoon in an island paradise – that’s a good way to celebrate your nuptials and have fun at the same time.

The wedding wonders of Thailand

If you’re a lover of nature and ancient cultures, you should definitely consider the idea of organizing your wedding ceremony in Thailand. A country with rich culture and tradition blended with modern-day tourist attractions, Thailand is a perfect wedding destination for 2015. Get married in Thailand and spend your honeymoon relaxing on the Patong or Railey beach, touring the Grand Palace and local temples like the Sanctuary of Truth and tasting some world-famous Thai dishes and delicacies on the go. Wildlife lovers can visit one of the many national parks or nearby islands and enrich their honeymoon with some remarkable sites of natural beauty, including Khao Yai and Khao Phanom Bencha national parks of the famous Ko Poda island paradise. Couples who love to spend their holidays in all-day recreation and fun will appreciate the rich offer of sports they can engage in during their honeymoon, like catamaran rides, water skiing, tennis, diving and snorkeling.

Enjoy your nuptials in the middle of Bali rainforest

For the memories of a perfect wedding day and a paradise honeymoon to remember and cherish for the rest of your life, turn to Bali and all it has to offer in terms of popular attractions, recreation and rest from the hectic modern world.  If you want both you and your guests to remember your wedding day for years to come, organize the marriage ceremony in the middle of a Bali rainforest, or pick a sun-kissed beach to get hitched surrounded by the echo of lapping waves and happy seagulls flying overhead. Bali is also well-known for a range of water sports like diving, snorkeling, rafting and kayaking, and when you get tired from all that athletic excitement, you can always laze around on the beach or explore the rainforest on a guided tour.

Marriage life may not always be fun and cheer, but if you want to start it off on the right foot, you should plan your wedding day carefully and pick an exotic destination where you will be able to enjoy the ceremony and not just stress about the fine details. After all, your wedding day should be tailored to your enjoyment, so make sure you remember that as you’re sorting out the arrangements and choosing your honeymoon resort.


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